• GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(OFF WHITE-2)
  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(OFF WHITE-2)
  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(GRAY-2)
  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(BLACK-2)


7,700円(tax included)


Weight 220g

Size Guide

sizelengthacross shoulderbust widthsleeve length

Pre Order

This is a Pre Order Item.
Please note that the estimated delivery time may differ.
You cannot specify the delivery date for Pre Order items.

Scheduled to be shipped: Late July
[Notes on advance reservations]
・ Cash on delivery and credit card are the payment methods for Pre Order items.
・ Due to the limited number, the deadline may be closed even within the reservation acceptance period.
・ Please note that the scheduled arrival date of the Pre Order items may be different from the schedule.
・ Since the actual product is a sample, specifications, processing, size, etc. may differ.
・ Delivery may be delayed due to production reasons.

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  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(OFF WHITE-2)
  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(OFF WHITE-3)
  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(GRAY-2)
  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(GRAY-3)
  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(BLACK-2)
  • GREENちゃんは半袖で汗かかない(BLACK-3)