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About membership agreement

Membership contract

This Membership Agreement applies to the use of the services [株式会社ミニストリー] (including the help page, hereinafter referred to as [this site]) provided by CANDY STORE (hereinafter referred to as [our company]) for use by the members below It is what is done.

The various provisions added on the use of each service on this site constitute part of this agreement, and all those including them are the terms of use. (However, for services linked to other companies' sites, it will be out of the support range of this site, so we will follow the rules of each link destination)

Please note the change of this agreement

1. The Company shall be able to change these Terms from time to time without obtaining approval from the Member and the Member will accept it.

2. As for the change in the previous section, it is deemed that all members accepted it when it is displayed on this site for one month.

Notice to members

1. If we decide that it is necessary other than the case of change of this agreement, we will notify the members of necessary matters from time to time.

2. The notice set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to have been notified to all members at the time of display on this site.

About member registration

Membership registration is required to purchase on this site.
Member registration is free.

※To log in, you will need the email address and password you entered at the time of member registration.

Personal information provided by members

When using this site, important personal information such as address of member, phone number, purchase history etc. is registered on the net server, but we will manage the personal information properly and surely, depending on laws etc. Unless disclosure is required, we do not disclose it.

※There are times when you aggregate in a range such as a chart that one individual can not identify.

When you do not approve membership registration from customers

When we receive an application for membership registration, when we register a fictitious person, when registering a member of a third party other than the person himself / herself, when we have received a member expulsion disposition in the past, When judging it to be appropriate, we may not approve that member's registration.
Even if you approve once, if it turns out that it is one of the above mentioned, we will immediately cancel the approval.

Forbidden for personal use, prohibit commercial use

Members who use this site prohibit the copying or diversion of any information posted on this site.

About contents of contents

We may change or cancel the contents of the contents and sales contents of our website provided by our company without notice to members. In addition, we assume no guarantee about information provided by our company.

We may suspend the service temporarily

1. If any of the following occurs, we may temporarily suspend this site without notifying the members in advance.

  • (a) When maintaining the system on our site periodically or urgently
  • (b) When the site can not be provided due to fire, blackout, etc.
  • (c) In the event that our site can not be provided due to natural calamities such as earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami etc.
  • (d) When the site can no longer be provided due to war, upheavals, riots, mayhems, labor disputes, etc.
  • (e) In case of other reasons, temporarily interruption of this site is necessary for us on an operational or technical basis

2. Even if the delay or interruption of the provision of this site occurs due to reasons other than the cases in each item of the preceding paragraph, the Company shall have no responsibility for damages suffered by the member or other third party attributable thereto I will not bear it.

Prohibited matter

1. The following acts are prohibited on this site.

  • (a) Acts that violate copyrights or other intellectual property rights of other members, third parties or our company
  • (b) acts of transmitting or writing harmful computer programs etc
  • (c) Act that gives disadvantage to a third party
  • (d) Acts of using this site for the purpose of profit
  • (e) Acts contrary to public order and morals
  • (f) Acts leading to criminal acts
  • (g) Other acts contrary to laws and regulations

2. In the event that a member gives damages to a third party in using this site, the member shall resolve it with its own responsibility and cost, and shall not cause trouble or cause damages to the Company I will.

3. We shall not assume any responsibility for all damages of members caused by use of this site and shall have no obligation to compensate for damages.

4. In the event that the member damages the Company in violation of this section, the Company shall be able to claim compensation for the damage suffered to the member.

About change of member registration information

1. If there is a change in the address, phone number or other content reported to the Company, please change the registration information in the method specified by this site.

2. Even if a member suffers a disadvantage due to the absence of the notification under the preceding paragraph, we are not responsible for it.
Prohibition of assignment Members can not conduct acts such as transferring or using rights owned by members of this site to third parties, trading, change of ownership, pledge or other collateral.

We may deprive the membership of our members

1. If the member falls under any of the following items, the Company shall be able to exclude the membership from the membership without preliminary announcement or notice to the member in advance.

  • (a) When making a false declaration at the time of registration
  • (b) When tampering with the information being entered
  • (c) Incorrect use of registered e-mail address or password
  • (d) In the event of interfering with the operation of this site
  • (e) In the event of serious damage to our company's honor
  • (f) If the member has received a guardian trial and has not received consent from a guardian, etc.
  • (g) When the member has remarkably delayed payment of the item price etc.
  • (h) In the case where the member does not change procedures and can not contact even though the registration information has changed
  • (i) In case of violating any of these Terms
  • (j) Others, when we judge it as inappropriate as a member

2. If the Company suffers damage due to any of the items in each item of the preceding paragraph, we will be able to claim compensation for damages incurred regardless of whether or not members are expelled from members.

When you wish to unsubscribe

If you wish to withdraw from membership, please withdraw from [my departure procedure] of this site according to prescribed procedure.

We may change service, suspend or stop service

1. We can change, suspend or stop all services of our site without notifying the members.

2. We are not responsible for any disadvantages or damages incurred by members or third parties due to service change, suspension or suspension of this site.

About liability obligation other than service contents

We will not bear any responsibility for transaction contracts and their performance, except for the sale of foods and related products and services that are services that we operate on our site. We are not responsible for the provision or change of each service other than the above service, and the damage, disadvantage etc. of members and third parties caused by each service.

About reply and contact regarding order reception / shipment of goods

1. When a registered member orders a product, we will reply to the registered member that an order has been confirmed by order confirmation e-mail.

2. Please be forewarned that there is a case that stocking of ordered items can not be done quickly. In addition, in that case I will do my best to arrange substitute items etc.

3. We will contact you as soon as we ship the item with shipping confirmation e-mail.

About the formation of a contract

A sales contract will be concluded at the time the order confirmation mail is sent from us.

Compliance with credit settlement, bank transfer payment usage rules, etc.

Members shall use credit settlement and bank transfer settlement specified by MHFG as the settlement method of service use of this site.

Reception of inquiries

For product sales on this site, please contact below.
CANDY STOREお問合せ窓口<br />
email:<br />
※受付時間:午前10時~午後5時  土日祝日は休業とさせていただきます。

Governing Law, Jurisdiction over Jurisdiction

Regarding all contracts concerning the use of members' services, the laws of Japan, all the rules of our company etc. and the terms of service providers apply.
In the event of a dispute and litigation between the member and the Company, the district court at the location of the head office of the Company shall be the court having exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

Please note the registration mail address and password management!

1. Members shall be responsible for the use and management of registered e-mail addresses and passwords.

2. We do not assume any responsibility for damages suffered by such members due to members' registered mail addresses and passwords being used by other third part regardless of whether or not there is intentional negligence of said members . If the member forgets their registered e-mail address or password, we will immediately offer to our company and follow our instructions. The use of this website made by the registered e-mail address and password shall be deemed to have been made by said member.

About temporary suspension of membership qualifications by us

1. When we admit that urgent is required, the membership may be temporarily suspended without obtaining approval of the member, and the member agrees to that fact in advance.

2. The Company will not bear any responsibility even if the member fails to use this site as a result of taking the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph and damages are caused by this.

Maintain communication equipment etc at your own risk

Members shall prepare the necessary communication equipment, communication lines, software, and all the equipment required accompanying them for use of this site at their own expense and responsibility. In addition, the member shall maintain its terminal properly so as not to hinder the service of this site. We are not responsible for cases where members are unable to receive membership service due to abnormality of communication line and abnormality of personal computer etc used by members.

Purpose of using personal information

1. Purpose of use
On this site, [Personal information (personal information, for example) such as name, furigana, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, address, telephone number, hometown etc We aim to use it for reply / message, distribution of e-mail newsletter, guidance from this site, delivery of purchased items.

2. Treatment of personal information
We will strictly manage responsibly the collected personal information, appropriately discard or delete it, we will not disclose it to a third party.

Please refer to the protection of personal information about the personal information protection policy of this site.


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