About product

  • Q1. Please tell me the arrival / stock status!

  • We will keep you informed about the arrival information of the products on the site or by e-mail newsletter.
    If you do not mind, please register as an e-mail magazine member. >> E-mail newsletter registration

    The inventory status on sale is reflected on the site in real time, and the remaining quantity is listed for products with low inventory. Please feel free to contact customer support if you would like to check the detailed stock status.
    As for the inventory status of stores, the inventory fluctuates daily, so please contact each store directly. In addition, we do not make advance reservations other than ordering from the store and advance order reception. Please note.
  • Q2. Please let me know when the sold out products are back in stock!

  • For information on the restocking of sold-out products, you can register to receive the restocking notification email from the page of the desired product.

    1: Click "Restock Notice"
    2: Enter the email address you want to be notified of
    3: Check the contents and click "Apply for restock notification email"
    (When the application completion screen is displayed, the reception has been completed normally.)
    4: The return "Notice of completion of acceptance of restocking notification email" will be delivered to the entered email address.
    5: Done!

    When the product is restocked, a "restock notification" email will be sent to the registered email address.
    * If there is no restock, it will not be delivered.
    * If an error screen appears, return to the product screen and proceed from the beginning again.
    * You can only send the restock notification email once.
    * Please note that we do not promise to purchase the restocked email, but will inform you of the arrival.
    In addition, we do not accept individual inquiries regarding restocking.
    For products not displayed on the site, please contact customer support
  • Q3. I don't know how to choose the size

  • Please refer to the size details on the product details page.
    * Since the size measured by placing it flat is shown, an error of 1 to 2 cm may occur.

    If you are uncertain about the size, we recommend that you measure the size of your usual clothing and accessories and compare the size details with that.

About order

  • Q4. Can I purchase from a mobile phone?

  • You can purchase from your mobile phone in the same way as your PC.
  • Q5. Can I purchase two or more regular products and reserved products together?

  • Regular items and reserved items have different arrivals, so the carts are separated, but payment can be made at the same time.
  • Q6. How long will the product arrive?

  • [Regular product]
    It will be shipped the next business day after your order, depending on the delivery area and time of your order.
    The delivery date and time can be specified by the date displayed at the time of ordering.
    * Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays.

    [Reserved items]
    There is a delivery date for shipping the product, and it will take some time to ship, so please check the delivery date on the product page before ordering.
    * Due to production reasons, product delivery may be delayed.
    * The product image is a sample, so specifications, processing, size, etc. may differ slightly from the actual product. Please note.
    * Cash on delivery is the only payment method.
  • Q7. Is it possible to specify the delivery time?

  • You can specify the delivery time when ordering.
    * We cannot accept specifications other than the time that can be specified.
  • Q9. I would like to have individual shipments.

  • If you wish to ship individually, please place your order in two parts.
    Shipping fee will be charged for each order. (In the case of cash on delivery, a separate cash on delivery fee will be charged)
  • Q10. Do you have overseas shipment?

  • We have overseas shipping services.
  • Q11. I haven't received the order confirmation email / I'm worried if I can place an order ...

  • If you cannot confirm the email, the order has not been confirmed due to an error.

    Or it may not have been sent to your email address normally.

    * If you do not receive the email even though your order has been confirmed, we apologize for the inconvenience.
    Please contact customer support. * Please contact customer support after adding "@ candystripper.jp" to the designated reception list.

    If you do not receive the order completion email, please contact customer support with the necessary information clearly stated.

    Also, if you are a registered member, you can see the purchase history from My Page.

    Please check that before inquiring.
    * For confirmation of order details, please refer to the "Order Information List".

About change of ordered information

  • Q12. I would like to cancel / add / change the order details.

  • Including cancellation/size exchange and color exchange due to customer's convenience after ordering/reservation cancellations, changes and additions cannot be accepted.
    * Please check your order in advance before proceeding with the purchase.
  • Q13. I made a mistake in my order, can I correct it?

  • If you make a mistake in your order, please contact customer support with your order number, name, and desired details. Before confirming your order, we may not be able to accept it depending on the situation or if it has already started shipping work.
    Please be sure to check the order details.
  • Q14. I would like the product to be shipped together.

  • Currently, we cannot accept the bundling of products after ordering (combining two or more order numbers into one order number).
    If you wish to ship all at once, please place an order at the time of purchase.
  • Q15. I want to change the delivery date and delivery time zone.

  • If you want to change the delivery date and delivery time after shipping the product, we will send it at the time of shipping Please contact the shipping company directly based on the "delivery slip number" described in the "shipment completion email (candystore@candystripper.jp)".
    * Delivery date can be adjusted for up to 1 week.

About payment method

  • Q16. I would like to pay by credit card.

  • Regular products can be paid for by credit card when ordering.
    (1 time, 3 times, 5 times, 6 times, 10 times, 12 times, 15 times, 18 times, 20 times, 24 times, revolving payment are available)
    Please select credit card payment from the payment method selection on the cart page.
    Please note that we cannot accept changes from credit card payment to cash on delivery after the order is completed.
    [Acceptable credit cards]
    VISA, MASTER, UC, JCB, American Express, Nippon Shinpan, UFJ, DC, Diners
  • Q17. Can I use installment payment / revolving payment with a credit card?

  • The number of credit card payments when ordering is You can choose from 1 time, 3 times, 5 times, 6 times, 10 times, 12 times, 15 times, 18 times, 20 times, 24 times, and revolving payment.
  • Q18. I would like to pay by bank transfer.

  • We accept cash, credit card or Amazon Pay as the payment method.
    Please note that we do not accept bank transfer payments.

    [Amazon Pay]
    ■ It is a payment method that you pay using the shipping address and credit card information registered in your Amazon account.

Inquiries after delivery

  • Q19. Is it possible to return or exchange the size of the product?

  • After the order is completed, we cannot cancel the order or change the product (including size and color) due to the customer's convenience.
    (It is different from the image, the size does not fit, I want to change the color, I want to return it because it is unnecessary, etc.)
    For details, please see the terms of use.
  • Q20. The item I received is defective, or I received a different item than the one I ordered.

  • When the ordered product arrives, please open it within 3 days and check the ordered product and the contents of the delivery note.
    If the product is defective or if a product different from the ordered product arrives, we will exchange or refund it.
    ・ Order date
    · name
    · order number
    Please contact customer support.

    However, please note that we will not accept returns in the following cases.
    ・ Products that have been delivered for more than 3 days
    ・ Products that have been used once
    ・ Products used, damaged or soiled by customers
    ・ Hygiene products such as underwear
    ・ Hygiene products such as piercings
    ・ If you lose accessories such as delivery note and product tag
    ・ When repairs, washing, cleaning, etc. are performed after the product is delivered.
    ・ When product tags, packages, etc. are damaged, soiled, lost, or destroyed
    ・ Special price products (excluding initial defective products)
    ・ Limited products (excluding initial defective products)
    ・ Products purchased at the store
    ・ Products purchased from online shopping sites other than CANDY STORE

    * Please be sure to contact customer support before returning the product.
    * Shoe boxes are also part of the product, so if you attach a shipping slip directly to the shoe box and return it, we will not accept returns.
    * In the unlikely event that there is no substitute, the product price will be refunded.
  • Q21. I did not receive the item within the storage period, so I would like it to be redelivered.

  • If you are absent, a "Notice of Absence" will be posted.
    Please be sure to contact the courier and request redelivery by the storage deadline written there.

    Besides, according to the regulations of Sagawa Express, the storage period for shipping by cash on delivery is one week.
    Items that could not be received due to overdue or long absence without contact will be returned to the distribution center.
    We will not be able to accept resends.
    The returned product will be processed at our discretion.
    Please note that we cannot accept resends after processing.
    After shipping, if you do not receive it due to refusal of receipt or long absence, we may charge the shipping fee for shipping and withdrawal.

About member registration

  • Q22. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • [Members benefits]
    ● Pre-orders, sales, and limited-edition products can be purchased exclusively for members.
    ● You can save the trouble of entering order information such as e-mail address and delivery address when purchasing products. >> Register for members (free)
  • Q23. Is there a charge to become a member?

  • Membership registration is free.
    There is no annual membership fee.

Other inquiries

  • Q25. I want you to wrap it for a gift!

  • We do not offer wrapping services or shop bags. Please note.
    (Gift kits may be sold for a limited time)
  • Q26. I want a receipt.

  • We do not issue a receipt.
    The documents received after paying for each payment method can be used as a receipt according to the tax law.

    【credit card】
    You can use the "Detailed Statement" sent by the credit card company as a receipt.