A series of dialogues in which designer Yoshie Itabashi talks about various things with his dear friends and people he once wanted to see. The 18th guest is Sentochihiro Chicchi of BiSH, a punk band without musical instruments.
In addition to group activities, she made her solo debut in September 2018 with the cover of GOING STEADY / Ging Nang BOYZ "Night Prince and Moon Princess", which she describes as "my superhero".
Held with eastern youth, GEZAN, and Regal Lily at the event "THAT is YOUTH !!! FES" curated by himself.
What is the relationship between Chicchi and Itabashi, who have a high level of communication while standing out in the culture scene?

"I was overwhelmed by BiSH's live performance and was grabbed by the eagle. I was struck by the magic of Chicchi-chan" (Itabashi)

In the last conversation with emma-san, there was a story about going
to a BiSH live.

Chicchi I read! I was happy.
Itabashi It was really cool! !! !! When I saw the live for the first time, my head was crazy. I was really surprised. I've been watching a lot of live performances, but I was grabbed by the world that I had never experienced before. BiSH's live was also addictive and magical, which made me want to see it again.
Chicchi Fufufu. I cast a spell.
Itabashi (Laughs) The first time I met you was when you came to the exhibition.
Chicchi That's right. Please invite me.
Itabashi I loved BiSH and listened to music unilaterally, so I've always wanted to see Chicchi-chan. However, the cleaning staff (fans) are very enthusiastic, or there are a lot of enthusiastic people, so I thought I shouldn't simply say "like". I couldn't go to see the live, so I was listening to the sound source and the radio, but I was invited by Chicchi to watch the live. I was shocked by the unique live performance and overwhelming world view as well as the wonderfulness of the songs. Chicchi-chan is completely different from when she expresses it. When I met him, she was really cute and I wanted to protect him, but when I stood on the stage, she gave off a powerful and dazzling light. It's so small, but it doesn't look small at all. It has a big presence and you follow it with your eyes more than anyone else. The transparent and relaxed singing voice unique to Chitchi is ephemeral and painful, and it moves my heart ...!
Chicchi happy. Yoshie-san seems to have a mysterious aura, or an orange aura, from the time she first met at the exhibition ...
Itabashi Eh? Can you see it !?
Chicchi (Laughs) No, that kind of image sensuously. It's a spiritual existence for me.
Itabashi Ahahahahaha.

Chicchi After that, Yoshie-san invited me to eat. I'm just happy about that. I'm a shy person, and I'm the type of person who can't get angry with my favorite person, so I can get along with people who want to meet me or try to build a relationship with me. I was very happy to think that I would be able to get along well. Also, I have the image that Yoshie-san is a person who sees the other person properly, rather than the connection between people. Even though I didn't know it, I felt it through SNS, so I wanted to get along.
Itabashi I'm happy. I'm glad I tried to say it with courage. I didn't know what Chitchi thought about me, and I didn't have the image of going out for dinner with so many people, so I was thrilled thinking that even if I invited him, I would be refused. I'm glad that Chitchi-chan thought that way. At that time, you talked so much that you couldn't think it was your first time, right?
Chicchi You talked a lot. It was a machine gun talk (laughs). It seems that the wavelength matched with nature. You would get tired if you were thinking about whether you should say this. There was no such thing. I felt that the feelings of bad things and good things were similar, and I talked a lot.
Itabashi Chicchi is a person who understands the pain in a person's heart. I have a feeling of feeling the subtleties of my heart. I feel that there are many places where we can communicate with each other, such as places where we are not afraid of change, places where we value guts, curiosity, and ability to act.
Chicchi Yoshie-san is a mysterious person who says she's coming with a big hand. I can tell you anything that suits me. I don't usually talk to people so much, but it makes me want to talk. I like it because I respect it very much though it is in a different industry!
Itabashi No, I'm happy (laughs).