A series of dialogues in which designer Yoshie Itahashi talks about various things with his important friends and people who once wanted to meet. The 20th guest is Okamoto Reiji, a drummer of OKAMOTO'S, a rock band that celebrated its 10th anniversary last year.
While working as a band, he also acts as an A & R for hip-hop crew behind the scenes, and also holds exhibition matches (YAGI) and DJ events that he curated himself. Not only a musician, but also a fashion designer, an illustrator, a videographer, an actor, etc., he has a wide range of friendships and approached him as a "human DJ" who connects people.

"Reiji-kun will bring a lot of people who think it would be interesting to meet them" (Itabashi)

OKAMOTO ’S appeared at the 15th anniversary event of Candy Stripper.

Itabashi It's still the first year of debut. It was cute, Reiji-kun.
Reiji That's right. She was thin and had a strange hairstyle.

Itabashi Ahahahaha. When I first met, I had a new generation! I felt that.
Reiji I was 19 years old.
Itabashi However, I was impressed that I could speak normally as a person regardless of age or gender. Even though the music and expression method are very sharp, I thought that the personality should be natural, so I soon became friends. Reiji is also good at slipping into people's pockets.
Reiji It's easy to get along quickly. There is a sense of speed.
Itabashi After getting along with me, bring me a lot of people.
Reiji I like to do things that wouldn't be possible if I lived normally. Bring a lot of rappers to the candy exhibition that will never happen. Here, wrap it.
Itabashi Riki (Hidaka / acid folk singer) also came. Reiji introduced me to stylist TEPPEI, and so did PHINGERIN's Koba (Shigeyuki Kobayashi / designer)! I was curious about the brand, but I didn't know who it was. When I asked Reiji, he introduced me right away.
Reiji What was the reason for me? I didn't remember it at all.
Itabashi that's right. It's because of Reiji-kun that I've become friends enough to go out for dinner now. There are many others. Some people didn't know it until then, but I'm sure they're bringing in people who would be interesting to interact with me. I wonder if there is a great sense of trust there. There is no doubt that it would be an introduction to Reiji.
Reiji I don't take people who are really too bad (laughs).
Itabashi Reiji will get along with people from various genres. That is unique to Reiji-kun.
Reiji I'm very curious and I'm interested in people in the first place. On top of that, everyone is treated equally, regardless of their name recognition or position, whether they are older or younger. However, I'm not stupid, so I think about time and place, and never be rude. Most of the guys I'm getting along with have the same feeling. So, suddenly, even if a celebrity comes, I can come in contact with the flat, and I wonder if people of various genres gather and create a good mix feeling. Also, the light footwork may be big.
Itabashi LINE's reply is quick.
Reiji I don't like the fact that even one notification is accumulated. I rarely ignore read, and I think it's the one who replies quickly. Besides, I pretend to be stupid even in places where it would be difficult for ordinary people to go.
Itabashi I don't think there are people who can't get along well, but are there people who aren't good at it?
Reiji There aren't really any people who aren't good at it. This guy isn't really NG. However, I don't like the one who is drunk. I don't like people who are usually drunk and make a fuss even though they are grown up. It's normal, though.
Itabashi After all, I really like people.
Reiji I also like to dive into places I don't know. Recently, director Sion Sono has created a new atelier. It's often called there, but there are only people I've never met. It's really interesting to talk there. That's why I come to the Candy Stripper exhibition. I think it's hard to come if you think about it normally.
Itabashi You really didn't come once, and all the exhibitions came.
Reiji That's right. Almost almost coming.
Itabashi Even when I can only show up for 5 seconds, I'm really happy that he still comes.
Reiji If you continue up to this point, you'll want to remove it even once. I came even for a moment
Itabashi I think that Reiji-kun will be loved and liked by everyone. I don't have any clothes that Reiji can wear, but it's really amazing that he definitely shows up. Besides, it makes me feel better when Reiji shows up.